We re-branded nature as part of our new years resolution to 'just get outside'.
28 Aug 13 at 5 pm

Breed communications asked me to develop a short animated video that would convey their brands mission statement. It had to both attract projects and clients to the company as well as appear attractive to crowd sourced creatives. Using my skills as a graphic designer combined with animation and filmmaking techniques I developed this promotional video. I decided the style of the piece should be subtle, taking some inspiration from Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote Intro. The video focusses on a philosophical ideal outlined by Alan Watts in this lecture. It uses the theory to outline the importance of delegation, an important factor in Breed’s services. Breed were delighted with their video and began implementing it immediately.

11 Feb 12 at 3 pm

Kinetic typography video I just completed for a uni assignment. 

10 Jan 12 at 10 pm

Animation just completed for RentView.

A short single camera experimental drama I completed as part of a University project. Written & Directed by my good friends Gav Edson & Simon Reilly. I was responsible for the cameras, music and sound as well as any creative input along the way. The drama itself is mysterious and leaves a lot of the main ideas and concepts open to interpretation. It deals with the projection of the protagonists inner world upon his environment. 

This piece started as a university project. It is an experimental audio / visual piece of which I created everything you see and hear. Originally the score was an odd mix of orchestral instruments and electronic elements I since changed the audio to sound more modern using guitars, drums and other elements. The piece is meant to highlight the detail that is often missed in life, the title is an often overlooked rule in a game of chess. 

This was my Final Major Project from college, intended to play on a loop as part of an art installation. The protagonist has become totally obsessed with searching for a perfect circle, failing to see that the life he’s created for himself within his obsession has created a loop which is the very circle he’s trying to find. This experimental piece is meant to be an expression of a real life loop people often find themselves in eat, work, sleep, repeat. Written and directed by myself with help from Tom Burrows producing and on camera. I also wrote and produced the soundtrack. 

This is an example of what is projected onto my band when we play. The colours simply hit different surfaces and react in different ways each time making each show unique and atmospheric.